The Bungee Workout ™

Bungee Workout, a dance and fitness combination class, has been widely discussed over social media in recent months, and has been gaining much anticipation and momentum as the next big thing to hit the local fitness scene. Many are looking forward to adding it to their workout regimen.

The Bungee Workout

Bungee Workout is a combination dance and fitness training, as well as acrobatic performance class calibrated and geared for us everyday people. Each participant wears a hip harnass and clips on to an IRATA certified rigging system. Safety is of the utmost importance to us, and our top of the line equipment was designed and built specifically for this workout.


The bungee cord is attached to the back of the hip harness, allowing you to move freely and access atheletic and otherwise physically unattainable moves. The powerful bungee cord is also a potent resistance training tool, used to enhance overall muscle toning and fitness performance. It provides safe, secure yet challenging resistance for strengthening and sculpting muscles at the same time. The aerial component gives a total body cardio workout that leverages gravity and body weight.


You are dripping sweat by the end of the class, but you don’t realize how hard you have worked because it is so much fun.

And did we mention - you get to fly.

Be prepared to sweat. As your Bungee Workout skill and fitness level rises it’s time to put your accomplishments to greater effect, for a truly rewarding weekly workout routine.

Bungee Classes

Basic Bungee

In this beginner class you will learn step by step some of the basic moves.

Your first class is always the scariest! It will teach you how to be daring and trust your bungee cord.

Once you have learned a couple of the basic moves including squats, planks, and dives, you will be sweating you butt off! The further out you go, the more challenging the more fun it gets!

Getting used to the harness takes time, so we recommend bringing a pair of shorts (spandex, books shorts or extra sweat pants) to provide extra cushion. 

The weight limit is 220lbs.

No running shoes needed, as we workout barefoot!

Wear a thicker pair of pants!!

The class is an amazing resistance training and full body cardio workout. It works and tones almost every muscle in your body, focusing on your core strength.

Bungee Fit

Bungee Intermediate requires at least 2-3 beginner classes before attending.

In this class, you will jump right into the basic moves working on skill and stamina.  

You make the workout as challenging as you want it to be, increasing the amount of reps each class you come to. 

New moves will be added to provide a creative and fun workout.

You will sweat like crazy in this core-cardio workout!

Weight limit 220 lbs. 

No shoes needed.

We workout barefoot.



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